About me

I am a social and cultural historian of modern Italy,  and I am particularly fascinated by the themes of social change, emotions, everyday life, and popular culture. I published my first book on the anti-fascist editor and intellectual Piero Gobetti, entitled Piero Gobetti’s Turin: Modernity, myth and memory in 2011 and since then I have turned my attentions to the social history of post-war Italy. I am currently writing a book entitled ‘Love, Honour and Jealousy: Redefining Marriage in Italy, 1945-1974’ and I am particularly interested in the connections between emotions, relationships and social change between the 1950s and the 1970s. An initial interest in the changing history of love in this years has also led me to explore the history of honour crime in modern Italy. I blog about this research and other broadly history related thoughts here.


I have been able to carry out this research thanks to the generous support of the Irish Research Council, who funded my work as a CARA postdoctoral mobility fellow from 2011-2015. From January 2016 I will be joining the University of Southampton as lecturer in twentieth century history.

I will be using this blog to share my research findings and thoughts as I work, as well as to reflect more generally on history, academia and other random things I find interesting. Any feedback – comments, questions etc – will be very welcome!

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2 thoughts on “About me

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  2. I found your blog because of my work on the Italian novelist Ferrante and think many academics, like her narrator Elena Greco, used education as a springboard to escape lack of opportunity at home. In fact, many came to the US.

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